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e-Criteria for car-washes conforming to VDA specifications

e-Customer-specific QM System

e-Establishing customer-specific
QM system requirements based on ISO/TS 16949
Contents, documentation and explanatory notes
1st edition 2010

e-FFA Audit standard

e-Field failure analysis / Audit standard

e-Field Failures Analysis

e-Field failures analysis, Joint Quality Management in the Supply Chain Marketing and Service, 1st edition: July 2009

e-Maturity Level Assurance for New Parts

e-Product creation - Maturity Level Assurance for new Parts - Methods, measurement criteria, documentation - 2nd revised edition, Oct. 2009 English version published July 2010

e-Minimizing risks

e-Minimizing risks in the supply chain

e-Quality-related costs

e-Failure costs and failure prevention costs, scope and implementation

e-Robust Production Process

e-Product Manufacturing and Delivery - Robust Production Process, Pre-requisites, Standards, Controlling, Examples,
1st edition November 2007, English edition published in Dec. 2011

e-Special Characteristics (SC)

e-Special characteristics (SC) / A process description covering special characteristics (SC), 1st edition 2011

e-Specification Standard Structure

e-Automotive VDA Component Requirement - Specification Standard Structure / 1st edition 2007