VDA eBooks

You will need the "VDA QMC eReader", a free download at "Microsoft Store", in order to view the E-Books on your end user devices. Here is an introduction; see also the notes below.

At present no E-Book-Reader is available foriOS, MAC OS X (i.e. Apple MacBook or iMac), Android-based systems or Windows Mobile OS etc..

The eReader is available for the following end user devices and operating systems:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

You can now download the free VDA QMC eReader app at your Windows Store. Simply search for "VDA QMC eReader".

Would you like to try the VDA QMC eReader in advance? Simply order one of the free E-Books from the VDA QMC Webshop. After ordering you can download and install the VDA QMC eReader. Then log in to the VDA QMC eReader using the login details you used to log in to the VDA QMC Webshop. The free E-Book you ordered will then automatically download and you can test the functions of the VDA QMC eReader with no obligations.

You will find a list of frequently asked questions - FAQs – here: https://www.vda-qmc-ebooks.de/faq/index_en.html

Please note that the E-Books are not PDF files:
It is not possible to print the contents of the E-Books.

NB: Please ensure that the download of the E-Books to the VDA QMC eReader app is possible and not blocked by firewalls or proxy servers. If necessary, please consult your IT department.