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e-Book Volume 6 Part 3 - 2016

e-Volume 6 Part 3, Process Audit, 3rd revised edition, December 2016

e-Book Volume 6 Part 5

e-Volume 6 Part 5 Product Audit / 2nd edition 2008

e-Book Volume 6 Part 7

e-Volume 6 Part 7
Process Audit - Production equipment -
Product creation process / unit production
2nd edition, November 2012

e-Book Volume 7 Exchanging quality data

e-Volume 7
Exchanging quality data
QDX - Quality Data eXchange V2.1
2nd revised edition 2010, up-dated 2017

e-Book Volume 9, 3rd Completely Revised Edition

e-Volume 9
Quality Assurance
Emissions and Fuel Consumption
CoP tests on passenger cars and light commercial vehicles
3rd completely revised edition, 2010