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Volume 05.2

Volume 5.2 - Capability of Measurement
Processes for the Torque Inspection on Bolted Joints, 1st edition 2013
€30.00 Prices excl. VAT and shipping 

Volume 19.2

Volume 19 Part 2, Technical cleanliness in assembly - Environment, Logistics, Personnel and Assembly Equipment - 1st edition 2010
€60.00 Prices excl. VAT and shipping 

Volume 19.1

Volume 19 Part 1, Inspection of Technical Cleanliness >Particulate Contamination of Functionally Relevant Automotive Components / 2nd Revised Edition, March 2015 (former title: VDA volume 19)
€60.00 Prices excl. VAT and shipping 

Specification Standard Structure

Automotive VDA Component Requirement - Specification Standard Structure / 1st edition 2007
€45.00 Prices excl. VAT and shipping