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Volume 5.1 Traceable Inline Measuring Technology. 2nd edition, March 2024

Given that a new edition of VDA Volume 5 “Measurement and Inspection Processes” was published in July 2021, the obvious next step was to review the “supplementary” VDA Volume 5.1 as well. As a result of the complete revision, the volume is no longer limited to geometric metrology in car body manufacturing. Many examples are still explained based on the latter to ensure that they are easily understandable. However, the methodology can generally also be applied to other areas within the scope of inline measuring technology. There has been a trend whereby measurements are increasingly taken by means of traceable inline measuring systems rather than offline in measuring rooms. Proofs of capability for inline measurement processes in accordance with VDA Volume 5 are thus becoming more and more significant. In practice, the “traditional” use of measuring rooms is fading into the background. Nevertheless, having measurement options that are independent of the production line is still helpful, especially when conducting analyses (e.g., when there are process variations). As was the case in the revision of the main volume, our focus during the revision of VDA Volume 5.1 was on the clarity of the methodology to ensure that it is easily applicable in practice. Based on an eight-step model, inline measuring systems were considered from a holistic perspective, from inspection process planning to the end of use. The proofs of capability thus obtained are part of the system approval. However, the latter also comprises further aspects that have not been considered in VDA Volume 5.1 (e.g., occupational safety). Moving beyond the focus of VDA Volume 5.1, measurement data is being collected based on significantly larger sample sizes because of the above-mentioned trend, leading to substantially larger amounts of data regarding process variation. Thus, developing and using intelligent evaluation methods or systems to adapt reaction speed to the increased amount of data is recommended.


Table of Contents


1          Standards and Guidelines

2          Benefits and Scope

3          Terms and Definitions

3.1       Integration of measuring systems into the production process

3.2       Definition of measuring volume                        

3.3       Further terms and definitions                           

4          Details Regarding Inspection Process Management According to VDA Volume 5 Related to Inline Measuring Technology     

4.1       Inspection process management sequence in eight steps         

4.2       Particularities of inline measuring systems regarding operating requirements                             

4.3       Particularities of inline measuring systems regarding requirements of production and inspection process planning          

5          Particularities of inspection process planning for inline measuring technology    

6          Acceptance and Reverification Test      

7          Measuring system Capability    

7.1       Option 1: Reference via a calibrated reference part or artifact    

7.1.1     Option 1a: Constant reference  

7.1.2     Option 1b: Non-constant reference       

7.2       Option 2: Reference via multiple artifacts                                 

7.3       Option 3: Reference via an independent measuring system       

7.3.1     Option 3a: Constant reference  

7.3.2     Option 3b: Non-constant reference       

7.4       Measuring system capability – applicability to non-geometric characteristics                              

7.5       Transferability of proofs of measuring system capability

8          Measurement Process Capability         

8.1       Taking the fixturing and loading system into account                             

8.2       Temperature influence                         

8.2.1     Influence of temperature on the measuring system       

8.2.2     Influence of temperature on the measurement process 

8.3       Evaluation of capability ratios                          

8.4       Procedure to follow in case proof of capability cannot be obtained                                

8.5       Transferability of proofs of measurement process capability      

9          Proof of Ongoing Capability     

10        Reactions to Extraordinary Events        

11        Test at the End of Use 

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