104/24-03  Qualification as VDA Auditor

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    ID 104 · Qualification as VDA Auditor


    In the automotive environment, the implementation of audits at the system, product and process level is an important component in the continuous improvement process. The need to carry out audits essentially results from QM system standards (DIN EN ISO 9001), automotive QM standards (IATF 16949, VDA6.1) and customer-specific requirements. This tool is used both internally within the company and externally in the supply chain.

    The requirements that auditors have to meet in the various audits are correspondingly diverse. What all audits have in common, however, is the audit process itself. This process, from planning and preparation through implementation and evaluation of results to follow-up, is regulated in DIN EN ISO 19011 as a standard work.

    In this training, the individual steps are considered in more detail, and practical examples are used to practice together. This also includes the communicative and social aspect. Because in addition to technical know-how and knowledge of regulations, an auditor needs good observation skills, empathy, diplomatic skills and creativity.


    Gain knowledge of the different types of audits (system, process and product audits) in the automotive context.

    Gain knowledge of the audit process based on DIN EN ISO 19011 and its application in practice.

    Have the ability to plan and implement a risk-based audit program internally and externally.

    Conduct target-oriented audit interviews with appropriate questioning techniques.

    Know how objective evidence supports reporting and action planning.

    Realistically assess one’s own abilities and independently plan their development.

    Concept and Methods

    Theoretical content alternates with practical exercises in order to help participants transfer the knowledge into their work practice. Particular attention is paid to the simulation of challenging situations from the day-to-day work of an auditor. The central tasks of audit preparation, implementation and follow-up are trained using practical examples.

    Target Audience

    Employees from all areas of the automotive industry tasked with carrying out or supporting QM system audits or production process audits in their own organization (internal) or in the supply chain (external).

    Prerequisites for Attendance

    Experience and initial knowledge of quality tools and methods.

    Certificate of Qualification

    After passing the knowledge test (Multiple-Choice-Test), you will receive a certificate of qualification.

    Accpmanying Material

    VDA QMC collection of standards including DIN EN ISO 9000, 9001, 9004 and 19011 (included in the fee for face-to-face training)

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