385/23-05  Auditor Talk

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    Confirmed: 10/16/2023
    15:00 - 16:30
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  • The Auditor Talk will be held in German.
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    An auditor’s most valuable asset is his or her experiential knowledge. Experience is gained by carrying out audits – or through exchanges with colleagues who have had similar or different experiences. Often, however, this exchange only takes place within one’s own organization. Auditors from other companies, with possibly completely different experiences (or views), can only be met during further training or re-qualification.

    The Auditor Talk is an offer for all VDA 6.3 auditors who would like to have informal conversations at expert level with other VDA 6.3 auditors – about current developments, deviations between theory and practice or typical challenges in dealing with regulations and audit discussions. Each Auditor Talk focuses on a specific topic.




    Regular exchange to clarify technical and methodological issues related to the VDA 6.3 audit.

    Concept and Methods

    Moderated discussion with short keynote speech.

    Target Audience

    VDA 6.3 auditors

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    Certificate of Attendance


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