471/24-01  VDA 5 – Measurement and Inspection Processes. Capability, Planning, Management

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    ID 471 · VDA 5 – Measurement and Inspection Processes. Capability, Planning, Management


    Several standards and guidelines exist that spell out the requirements for identifying and handling uncertainties in measurement and inspection processes. Companies face many issues in this area, particularly in the organization and certification of their quality management systems.

    The training explains how to determine the capability of measurement and inspection processes, and how inspection processes are planned and carried out. Here product development is integrated into the inspection process. The program highlights the fluid borders between the related processes of inspection equipment management, inspection planning and inspection process management (incl. the defined roles). It also focuses on protecting against the risks associated with measurement and inspection processes. This two-day seminar covers all the topics surrounding measurement systems, measuring processes and inspection processes.


    • You can apply the methods set out in VDA Volume 5 in your own practice.

    • You can protect against the risks associated with measurement and inspection processes.

    • You know how to select the criteria for procuring your measuring and inspection equipment.

    • You can recognize and quantify the factors that affect the suitability of the inspection process.

    • You can document the suitability of the measuring system and the measuring process, and you know how to handle expanded measurement uncertainties at the limits of the specification.

    • You are able to deal with non-capable measurement and inspection processes.

    • You can evaluate the suitability of attributive inspection processes.

    Concept and Methods

    The training combines compact lectures, intensive group work and feedback from an experienced trainer. Special attention is paid to trying out and practicing the specific activities in inspection process management using practical examples.

    After eight weeks, there will be a final webinar to exchange experiences and clarify any open questions.

    Target Audience

    This training is aimed at:

    • Employees who plan and/or execute the measuring and inspection processes, and/or procure, calibrate or operate inspection equipment,

    • Employees working in product design and tolerance specification,

    • Employees at companies that produce measuring equipment and apparatus.

    Prerequisites for Attendance

        • 1-3 years of professional experience in measurement technology and/or inspection equipment management – or comparable professional experience

        •   Basic knowledge of statistics (e.g. Gaussian, normal distribution, Anova, etc.)

        •  Basic knowledge of VDA 5, 2nd edition 2011

        Certificate of Qualification

        After passing the knowledge test (Multiple-Choice-Test), you will receive a certificate of qualification.

        Supplementary material

        VDA Volume 5

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