502/24-01  Conformity of Production (CoP) – Basic Training

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    ID 502 · Conformity of Production (CoP) – Basic Training


    Ensuring product conformity in series production is becoming an increasingly important component of production, especially in terms of approvals. In order to achieve this, compliance with the legal regulations in series production is mandatory, which is regularly checked by various state or licensing authorities.

    In this training, you will acquire basic knowledge of approval procedures and CoP, which is necessary to avoid deviations and possibly the withdrawal of approval in such official inspections: From the basics of type approval to CoP implementation in the automotive industry (focus on EU Directive 2018/585).


    • You will be familiar with the basics of type approval/homologation in Europe and the approval process in general.

    • You will know what CoP means and involves in the automotive industry.

    • You will be able to control and implement the CoP process appropriately.

    • You will be familiar with essential aspects of sampling strategies, reporting and authority audits.

    Concept and Methods

    The training alternates between technical presentations and group work. Group work supports the transfer of what has been learned into your own working practice. Special emphasis is placed on opportunities to exchange experiences.

    Target Audience

    Development, procurement, production and quality assurance personnel from the automotive and supply industries who manage and implement the CoP process.

    Certificate of Qualification

    After passing the knowledge test (Multiple-Choice-Test), you will receive a certificate of qualification.

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