VDA 11 (04/2016)

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VDA 11: Ermittlung des Reifenrobustheits-Faktors - Arbeitsanweisung für neue PKW-Reifen mit Notlaufeigenschaften / Calculation of Tire-Robustness-Factor - VDA Test Procedure for new Passenger car-tires with Runflat performance (Version 04/2016) - Gruppenlizenz (group license), AGB (GTC) Art. 10, 2

-         Describe an Indoor procedure being able to reproduce impact damage on the tire corresponding to the outdoor vehicle test

-         Define an energy-related metric able to compare a tire according to its resistance to impact damages versus a reference tire in a                reproducible and reliable way;

-         The procedure is applicable to new C1 passenger car tires according to ETRTO stand-ards manual not featuring RunFlat capabilities            (intended to provide extended mobility in deflated condition i.e. RSC, MOE, RF…)