VDA 230-214 (06/2018)

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VDA 230-214: Beständigkeit metallischer Werkstoffe gegen Kondensat-Korrosion in abgasführenden Bauteilen - Prüfmethode / Resistance of metallic materials to condensate corrosion in exhaust gas-carrying components - Testing methods (Version 06/2018) - Gruppenlizenz (group license), AGB (GTC) Art. 10, 2

This VDA test specification sheet describes the procedures used in the corrosion testing of metallic materials and surfaces which are planned for use in exhaust gas-carrying com-ponents.
The testing results give information about which materials tend to show corrosive reactions if exposed to corrosion conditions on the exhaust gas side. In doing so, special exhaust gas condensates and a defined, newly developed test technology is used.
The testing of the corrosion characteristics under atmospheric corrosion (outside of the exhaust gas-carrying component) is not a part of this VDA test specification.
If the actual temperatures and possible condensate compositions which the exhaust gas-contacting surfaces are exposed to deviate greatly from the condensates defined in this test specification sheet, these parameters should also be adjusted in the trials. In this case, the corresponding deviations must be agreed upon by the involved parties.
It should be observed that the implementation of the laboratory trials described here cannot substitute for actual component behaviour under practical field conditions.
Regarding the decision involved with choosing materials for exhaust gas-contacting vehicle components, additional extended tests which are above and beyond the contents of the component-specific tests described here must be done using practical exposures.
When using chemicals and higher temperatures, the respective valid safety regulations have to be followed.

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