VDA 233-102 (06/2013)

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VDA 233-102: Zyklische Korrosionsprüfung von Werkstoffen und Bauteilen im Automobilbau / Cyclic corrosion testing of materials and components in automotive construction (Version 06/2013) - Gruppenlizenz (group license), AGB (GTC) Art. 10, 2

The purpose of this specification is to provide an accelerated test procedure for the assessment of the corrosion behaviour of components and of the corrosion protection provided by coating systems. The accelerated test covers in particular the delamination/corrosion creep around a defined artificial defect in a coating as well as surface and edge corrosion on special test plates, bonding specimens or components. Compared to tests with a higher humidity availability a decreased ageing rate of adhesive is to be expected. This laboratory-scale cyclic corrosion test is also suitable for assessing perforation corrosion in flanged areas or gaps and of unpainted surfaces.

This method induces corrosion processes and generates reproducible corrosion patterns which correlate well with the results obtained in natural weathering tests (DIN 55665) and driving operation. In particular, the corrosion patterns for the substrates steel, galvanised steel and aluminium closely reflect real-life phenomena.

The test method is based on real corrosive climate conditions and delivers differentiated results for a large number of uses in automotive applications.

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