VDA 236-160 (01/2022) - englisch / english

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VDA 236-160 Standardization of the x-ray diffractometry test method
in the automotive field (01/2022) - Gruppenlizenz (group license), AGB (GTC) Art. 10, 2 - Language of the document English

The x-ray diffractometry is used in automobile manufacturing to measure mechanical stresses in components. It is an essential testing method for quality assurance of treatment processes, in inspection as well as failure analysis. Owing to its complexity, it is mainly used by experts in the laboratory environment. When test instructions are given, trained or instructed personnel can also apply the method close to the production for quality control. Seldom it is non-destructive. In this respect, it distinguishes itself from the other test methods from this series of recommendations. In particular, there is no standard for:

• the qualification of testing personnel

• the hardware

• the monitoring of the test devices

This recommendation lays down the test parameters for standard measurements to achieve a standardized procedure and assessment. For more challenging testing tasks, such as a residual stress depth profile, “best practice” examples are described in detail.

The VDA recommendation 236-120 NDT personnel qualification (VDA 2016) cannot be used here explicitly, as a regulated training system is not available for this testing technology. General information about the hardware is available in the DIN EN 15305 (DIN 2008).