VDA 239-300 (02/2021)

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VDA 239-300: Experimentelle Ermittlung mechanischer Kennwerte von Walzprodukten aus Aluminiumlegierungen für die CAE-Berechnung - Prüfung und Dokumentation / Experimental Determination of Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Sheets for CAE-Calculations - Testing and Documentation (Version 02/2021)- Gruppenlizenz (group license), AGB (GTC) Art. 10, 2

This recommendation describes the requirements for the most important mechanical tests of non-age-hardenable as well as age-hardenable aluminium sheet materials in gauges up to 5 mm and their documentation. It is used as a basis for unified material testing to determine material data and raw data for the CAE calculations and should standardize the data exchange between institutes, material suppliers and the automotive industry. Thisguideline does not describe the scope of testing which is necessary for the material approval process.


Especially with respect to the comparability of results from measurements and mechanical material data the application of this guideline is recommended for the tests that are decribed in the following.

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