VDA 240-300 (01/2014)

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VDA 240-300: SPezifikation von HDD-Laufwerken im Automobil / Specification of Automotive Hard Disc Drives (Version 01/2014) - Gruppenlizenz (group license), AGB (GTC) Art. 10, 2

The automobile manufacturers organized in the VDA have laid down their conceptions about the requirements and the measurement procedures for automotive hard disc drives and have compiled them in this recommendation.

This document is a directive for the development of HDD devices. The drive supplier shall fulfil the requirements in the specification and validate them by an OEM-certified media drive test house. Requirements, which are currently not supported by any drive are marked in the document by the words “Target Requirement".

The certification of the drive is valid for the particular validated hardware and software. Upcoming changes shall be represented to the affected OEM. Depending on the drive changes the partial or total requalification of the drive shall be done (consultation with the affected OEM is required).

Due to the fact that the technique of the automotive hard disc drives permanently changes, the work on this specification is not completed yet.

Since the way things stand at the moment makes a publication seem sensible, however, it was decided to pass on this first draft of the VDA-Specification for standard automotive hard disc drives to the manufacturers of hard disc drives for the automotive industry.

This paper can therefore be merely an orientation help. For definite applications only the agreements between the business partners apply.

Please consider the also existing VDA 240-301 document (Test Case Book of Automotive Hard Disc Drives) additional to this specification. This test case book describes how the important requirements given in the specification shall be tested.