VDA 305 (04/2013)

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VDA 305: EKB 3008 Data Exchange Format (Version 04/2013) - Gruppenlizenz (group license), AGB (GTC) Art. 10, 2

As a rule, several development partners are involved in the development of a brake system. The measurement analysis and test rig technology applied is based on in-house measuring systems, some of which are also based on own developments.
Every measuring system saves the measured data in its own file structures, which are not compatible with each other. As a rule, data exchange between the measuring systems is not possible. In the context of ever more complex and faster development processes, the uncomplicated exchange of data is becoming more important.

The data exchange format described in the following provides the basis for the exchange of brake-relevant measurement data between measuring systems or for importing a detailed analysis into evaluation and mathematical programs. In addition, the easy use with widely used standard programs (editors, spreadsheet programs, multimedia software) has been taken into account.

 File format for the exchange of brake-relevant measurement data
 The data and information scope can be configured according to the exchange purpose
 Application possible for conventional brake tests and brake noise tests
 Application for test rig measurement data and mobile (vehicle) measuring technology
 Standard information values and boundary conditions for the test run (e.g. test duration or the number of brake applications) are also transferred