VDA 308 (02/2016)

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VDA 308: EKB 3011 Part Data Exchange Format (Version 02/2016) - Gruppenlizenz (group license), AGB (GTC) Art. 10, 2

The vehicle braking system consists of various brake components, such as the brake caliper, brake disk, brake pads and damping plates. In the process, each component is developed and produced by an independent manufacturer. For some brake components, e.g. the brake caliper, several companies are in turn involved in development and production, further increasing the complexity.

The measuring technology for developing the parts is based on measuring systems of various manufacturers, and in some cases self developed measuring technology (in-house measuring technology) is also used. In general, each measuring system saves the measuring data it generates in its own data format. These data formats are generally not compatible with each other. The conditions outlined above make a simple, parts-based data transfer between the respective development partners impossible. This makes close coordination as the basis for a well-developed product difficult. Due to increasingly short development times, growing complexity and more demanding quality requirements, the focus is increasingly on simple data transfer.

The EKB 3011 format described here defines the data transfer of component-related measuring data. For example, eigenvibration and eigendamping or compress-values can be transferred as measured data. The data file is generated by the acquiring measuring system and, for example, is read in by an analysis software with which the data can be processed further. The data structure is designed so that reading is easily possible with a standard editor. The illustration in the following figures gives an example how the VDA 308 (EKB 3011) works in daily development work.

Fig. 0.1 describes a situation without using VDA 308 (EKB 3011) resp. before VDA 308 becomes activ. A car maker is planning a road test with the vehicles 1-3 during development time. For a well-founded NVH-work it’s necessary to know the eigenfrequencies of the brake components like discs, calipers or pads. The brake parts are produced from the different suppliers 1-5. In normal cases the parts are measured regarding their eigenfrequencies on suppliers side with different measurement equipment and therefore with the different data exchange formats 1-5. The data formats 1-5 are not compatible with each other – so the data can’t used on OEM-side although they are available. Therefore the OEM is forced to measure the brake parts again. This is connected with additional costs and effort.