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VDA ACSMS Audit Tool

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Benutzerlizenz für VDA ACSMS Audit Tool
User Licence for VDA ACSMS Audit Tool

The tool offers the following functions

The VDA Automotive Cybersecurity Management System Audit Tool (VDA ACSMS Audit Tool) supports the systematic and structured auditing based on the questions and evaluation rules of the VDA Red Volume Automotive Cybersecurity Management System Audit. This audit checks the implementation of the requirements for an ACSMS according to UNECE Regulation No. 155.

  • ACSMS Audit Standard

- Supported Languages: English, German, Chinese

- Evaluation and documentation of ACSMS audits

- Extended findings with internal comments and images

- PDF audit report including the action plan and images

- Creation of print questionnaires for selectable question blocksManaging of findings and action plans

- Action plan report print

- Export of the action plan as an excel file

  • Offline capability with browser cache (Progressive Web App)
  • Browser database containing all previous reports
  • Automatic updates
  • Report design with individual company logo
  • Saving and Loading of all reports of the tool for exchange and versioning
  • Tablet support (apart from Apple iOS)

The software is started directly in the browser via the web address as Software as a Service (SaaS); the data entered remains in the user’s browser and is not stored centrally on a server. Once the software has been started, it can also be used completely offline, as it is stored entirely in the browser. The product runs exclusively on the user’s PC and communicates with the server only to validate the license and check for updates. Technical requirements/details – Mac users must use an alternative browser, Safari is not actively supported – A recent web browser with JavaScript is recommended – Optimized for medium and large resolutions for Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera. Direct execution via a link (requires an internet connection to start) – Data is stored locally in the browser used and must be backed up by the user. Avoid clearing the browser memory without backing up data. The input will not be sent to the server!

- Further information can be found in the Wiki Support: The product is supported in English and German only. We have a service desk ready to answer your questions.

Purchase of the license: The purchase of the personal single user license (Named User License) for the VDA ACSMS Tool is done via the VDA QMC-Webshop.

You have the chance to test our product. You can request a test license here

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