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VDA 675-240 - Withdrawn

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VDA 675-240: Elastomere Parts in Automotive Vehicles - Test Method to Determine Properties - Adhesion of Elastomers to glass, painted sheet metal or other mating materials (Version 03/2014) - Gruppenlizenz (group license), AGB (GTC) Art. 10, 2

Attention: This version of this recommendation is withdrawn and replaced by a new version.

Achtung: Dies ist die englische Version! / Attention: This is the english version!

This standard provides a means for the determination of adhesion, which may occur between an elastomer and glass, painted sheet metal, or other surfaces when in contact.

2 different test methods are defined:

  • Method A: Test Procedure for glass plate or painted sheet metal as mating substrate. Test pieces of elastomers are held in contact with the respective mating substrate under a specified deflection at (90 + 2)°C. The adhesion force FA required to separate the elastomer from the mating substrate is then determined. Tests are carried out on test pieces in the "as received" condition, and also when exposed to specified liquids.
  • Method B describes a single adhesion test without determination of forces.