VDA 231-200 (01/2016)

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VDA 231-200: Werkstoffdatensatz - Spezifikation von Werkstoffen und Oberflächen in IT-Systemen / Material record - Specification of materials and finishes in IT systems (Version 01/2016) - Gruppenlizenz (group license), AGB (GTC) Art. 10, 2

In developing and producing vehicles, the automotive industry depends increasingly upon product data-sheets in electronic form. The datasheets describe geometric data, parts lists, flow charts, approval status, product structure and production data, from the initial design stage through to production, forming the basis of disciplines such as CAD, CAM, CAE and PDM.

Material specifications for part numbers constitute fundamental product data, and are a significant component of product data management. Clear and unambiguous material specifications are required as a basis for processes such as design, calculation, tests, drafting, production planning, procurement, logistics, type approval and recycling. Thus, material data is transferred between various IT systems, both within a company and also with suppliers and with manufacturers of semi-finished products.

The purpose of this specification is to define a standardised dataset that will allow materials to be specified in IT systems as clearly as is necessary for the technical product documentation on the drawing (DIN EN ISO 10209, ISO 128-1). The material specification describes the material in the final product form for a specific function (ISO 128). With the appropriate labelling or identification, this information can fulfil the requirement to document the properties of the component. The material must be specified in sufficient detail that reproducible component properties can be ensured using this information, and that the production requirements are both achievable and verifiable.

This specification will form a basis for future IT systems, and can be specified and agreed upon for data-exchange between clients and suppliers.

It is not expected that the data-set described here will become a general mandatory specification in the short term, but that it will be agreed upon in individual cases between a customer and a supplier.

Material specifications may be filed in this form in a central/main IT system. Other IT systems can then use this material specification for clear and unambiguous identification and refer to it when necessary.

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