VDA 231-300 (07/2022)

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Digitaler Datenaustausch in der werkstofflichen Bemusterung unter Berücksichtigung der 3D-Daten / Digital data exchange in material sampling taking into account 3D data - Gruppenlizenz (group license), AGB (GTC) Art. 10, 2 - Language of the document German and English

In sampling processes, data are exchanged between the supply chain and OEMs. The specification of the formats and the type of transmission of the data to be supplied depends on the respective OEM and the tier 1-N.

The purpose of this recommendation is to lay the foundations for cross-OEM & cross-tier standardization and digitization of material sampling.

As a first step, this recommendation describes the standardized description and embedding of the material and surface requirements in the 3D data set. For this purpose, the CAD-neutral data format "JT" is used, according to ISO-14306 and DIN SPEC 91383.

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