VDA 370 (02/2020)

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VDA 370: Empfehlung zur Auslegung und Prüfung des Parkbremsstellers einer satelintegrierten elektrischen Feststellbremse / Recommendation for the layout and testing of the parking brake actuator of a caliper-integrated electric parking brake (Version 02/2020) - Gruppenlizenz (group license), AGB (GTC) Art. 10, 2

This document only considers electric parking brake systems where the parking brake actua-tors are integrated into the disc brakes of the rear axle. The scope of this design recommendation is limited to the following vehicle classes accord-ing to EC Directive 2007/46/EC: M1, M1G, N1.

The objectives of this recommendation are, on the one hand, the representation of a base for the parking brake manufacturer's design including the identification of design-relevant factors and, on the other hand, the description of the verifica-tion and validation tests involved.

This VDA recommendation refers to the following system components:

• The wheel brakes, including
   o the parking brake actuators,
   o the brake pads,
   o and the brake discs.
• Additional components required for control-ling the above system components according to VDA 305-100 (see Figure I):
   o The brake control unit including the soft-ware for controlling the EPB parking brake actuators
   o Electrical power supply from control unit input incl. harness to the parking brake actuators

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