VDA 4953-2 Drawing-free Product Documentation

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VDA 4953-2 Drawing-free Product Documentation (11/2014) - Gruppenlizenz (group license), AGB (GTC) Art. 10, 2 - Language of the document English

The first part of VDA Recommendation 4953 described working with simplified drawings combined with 3D models and a master data sheet.

Part 2 of the Recommendation describes the means available to the automotive industry for producing product documentation within a drawing-free process (DFP).

It describes how all the information required for product documentation is brought together in a DFP container (PDF/A-3). This consists of a 3D portion with annotated geometry representation (JT format), a metadata portion (STEP AP242 BO XML), a representation of this metadata (PDF/A), as well as additional optional, user-defined components suitable for long-term archiving. It further discusses the appropriateness for practical use of suitable data formats and makes recommendations for different use cases on the basis of examples.

The use of a DFP container makes it possible to work within the process chains deployed in product lifecycle management (PLM) without discontinuities between media and additional conversion activities. There is no longer any need to derive drawings. This minimizes the extra effort required for the parallel management of product information in 3D models, in drawings and in product data management, and also improves data consistency.