Please note that the E-Books are not PDF filesIt is not possible to print the contents of the E-Books.

At present no E-Book-Reader is available foriOS, MAC OS X (i.e. Apple MacBook or iMac), Android-based systems or Windows Mobile OS etc..

You will need the "VDA QMC eReader", a free download at "Microsoft Store", in order to view the E-Books on your end user devices. Here is an introduction; see also the notes below.

The eReader is available for the following end user devices and operating systems:
Windows 10    |    Windows 11



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e-Book Volume 06 Part 1 - 2016

e-Volume 6 Part 1_5th edition 2016
QM-Systemaudit Serial production
5th edition, December 2016


e-Book Volume 06 Part 2, 3rd Edit.2017

e-Volume 6 Part 2_QM System Audit - Services -
Special Requirements for Service Organizations in the Automotive Industry
3rd Edition, June 2017

e-Book Volume 16, 3rd Edition 2016

e-Volume 16, 3rd Edition 2016

e-Book Volume 19.1

e-Volume 19.1 Inspection of Technical Cleanliness >Particulate Contamination of Functionally Relevant Automotive Components / 2nd revised edition, March 2015 (former title: Volume 19)

e-Book Volume 19.2, 1st Edition 2010

e-Volume 19.2 Technical cleanliness in assembly - Environment, Logistics, Personnel and Assembly Equipment - 1st edition 2010