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Automotive SPICE Guidelines_1st Edition 2017

Automotive SPICE Guidelines_1st Edition 2017

Field Failure Analysis

Field failure analysis, Joint Quality Management in the Supply Chain Marketing and Service, 1st edition: July 2009

Guidelines when using CE components

Guidelines on analyzing possible scenarios and risks when using consumer electronics components in vehicles
1st edition 2013

Maturity Level Assurance for New Parts

Product creation - Maturity Level Assurance for new Parts - Methods, measurement criteria, documentation - 2nd revised edition, Oct. 2009 English version published in July 2010

Robust Production Process

Product Manufacturing and Delivery - Robust Production Process, Pre-requisites, Standards, Controlling, Examples,
1st edition November 2007, English edition published in Dec. 2011

Specification Standard Structure

Automotive VDA Component Requirement - Specification Standard Structure / 1st edition 2007

Standard Process for Handling Customer Complaints

Standardized process for handling customers' complaints. Quality assurance during the product life cycle 1st. Edition Oct. 2009

Volume 1

Volume 1 Documentation and Archiving - Code of practice for the documentation and archiving of quality requirements and quality records / 3rd edition 2008

Volume 2 - PPA

Volume 2 Quality Assurance for Supplies
Production process and product approval PPA
5th revised edition, November 2012

Volume 3 Part 2_4th edition 2016

Volume 3 Part 2, 4th completely revised edition 2016 Reliability Assurance of Car Manufacturers and Suppliers
Reliability methods and tools