Volume 02 - PPA_04/2020

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Volume 2, Securing the Quality of Supplies Production process and product approval (PPA)
6th, revised edition, April 2020

This sixth 2019 edition reinforces PPA agreement with the objective of aligning on the scope, content, and schedule of the PPA procedure between the organization and the customer.

The elimination of the submission levels accounts for the individual expectations of the customers, the diversity of the products, and the number of possible documents.

Based on experiences from the past, the executive responsibility of the organization for the preparation of applicable documents has received increased emphasis. In addition, the self-assessment of the organization regarding products and processes reduces the amount of documents to be submitted.

The modification of the approval levels, the integration of software, and the harmonization of verification management for the PPA procedure with the PPAP process of the AIAG represent further fundamental changes in this volume.

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