Volume 06 Part 2_3rd Edition 2017

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Volume 6 Part 2_QM System Audit - Services -
Special Requirements for Service Organizations in the Automotive Industry
3rd Edition, June 2017

Foreword to the 3rd Edition(extract)

VDA Volume 6 Part 2 QM System Audit Services, here also referred to as VDA 6.2, is subject to the specifications of ISO 9001:2015 as well as the industry-specific additional requirements as revised in 2016.

Compliance with these additional requirements when designing a QM system for a service organization is essential for successful collaboration between all involved parties.

As an additional benefit, the fact that service organizations can obtain VDA 6.2 certification helps automobile manufacturers and their suppliers choose the right service organization.

VDA Volume 6 Part 2 QM System Audit Services thus addresses service organizations intending to introduce a quality management system matching the requirements of this QM system standard and who wish to obtain corresponding certification.

This VDA volume is divided into chapters as per the structure specified in ISO 9001:2015 and thus complies with the ISO directives (Annex SL).

For reasons concerning licensing, the ISO 9001:2015 requirements bindingly applicable to VDA 6.2 cannot be reproduced here.

Where sector-specific additional requirements apply, the respective chapter numbers and titles are shown in italics.

Where VDA Volume 6 Part 2 QM System Audit Services uses the wording “must” or “shall,” it is expressing binding requirements. Where “should” is used, the document is expressing a recommendation.

Sections beginning with the headline “Note” intend to assist comprehension or provide details on the corresponding requirement.

Examples are clearly indicated as such and merely serve as aids and guidelines.

This third edition of VDA 6.2 supersedes the second edition from 2004 and the updated re-issue from 2011.


Content (extract):


1             Scope  16

2             Normative references  17

3             Terms and definitions  18

4             Context of the organization  20

5             Leadership  23

6             Planning  25

7             Support 26

8             Operation  34

9             Performance evaluation  41

10           Improvement 44

Appendix A (informative) 46

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