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Lessons Learned - Definition of "Lessons Learned" in the Automotive Industry. Process description, application tips, and practical examples. 1st edition, November 2018

Prior to this VDA Volume being issued, there were no uniform definitions of terms relating to the issue of “Lessons Learned” in the automotive industry.

The term “Lessons Learned” is used in requirements of several standards (VDA 6.3, IATF 16949, etc.), without being explained in more detail.

This VDA Volume closes this gap by defining the term “Lessons Learned” and supports companies in targeted implementation of specific minimum requirements.

A uniform understanding and definition of the minimum requirements are necessary to enable experiential knowledge (insights) to be sustainably used to improve a company.

Experiential knowledge contributes to improving employees’ expertise and behavior and thus to continuous optimization of products, processes, and systems. It is essential to take into account both positive and negative experiences and events, for example derived from faults, complaints, or other incidents. The focus is on increasing customer satisfaction.

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