Volume 09

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Volume 9
Quality Assurance
Emissions and Fuel Consumption
CoP tests on passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, 4th, completely revised edition, March 2020

In continuation of the emission standards and in consideration of future technologies,

the European Commission decided to repeal the emission standards Euro

3 and 4 in Europe, introducing the emission standards Euro 5 and 6 through

EC regulation 715/2007, as amended by regulation 692/2008. They decided furthermore

to introduce the WLTP to the European Union by enacting the regulation

2017/1151. It is expected that the WLTP will also be transposed into the UN-ECE.

The automotive industry recognises for the amendments to the emission standards

in this present 4th edition. The new requirements with regard to the implementation

of the WLTP (appendix XXI of EC regulation 2017/1151 as amended by EC regulation

2018/1832 dated 11/5/2018) were considered and essential extracts were

added to this volume in appendix 1.


New technologies, such as the plug-in hybrid (OVC HEV), purely electrically driven

vehicles (PEV), and fuel cells (FC) were integrated.

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