VDA 230-207 (04/2013)

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VDA 230-207: Resistance of Metallic Materials to Corrosion from Fuels (Version 04/2013) - Gruppenlizenz (group license), AGB (GTC) Art. 10, 2

Achtung: Dies ist die englische Version! / Attention: This is the english version!

This VDA test specification sheet describes the procedure for examining the corrosion of metallic materials and surfaces in fuels. Examination results show which material/fuel combinations are most likely to result in corrosive reactions. Specific fuels and defined temperature/time profiles are used for this purpose. If the temperatures and pressures that surfaces contacting fuel are exposed to in real operation vary significantly from the temperatures and pressures planned for the purpose of examination, these parameters should also be aligned in testing. In this case, such variations must be agreed between the parties involved.
It must be noted that the results obtained for different materials cannot be applied to different fuel qualities. The corrosion behavior of a material in gasoline cannot imply its corrosion behavior in diesel. This also applies to admixtures of synthetically manufactured or biogenic fuel additives. The aging behavior of fuels is not taken into consideration.
In reaching the decision to select materials for vehicle components, it is also necessary to conduct tests extending beyond the scope of this preliminary examination, with such testing involving both the type of exposure prevailing in practice as well as appropriate functional checks. The applicable safety regulations on handling fuels must be followed.

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